I purchased this product and was promised a "double your money back" if it didn't work.

Well, it didn't work for me, and I used it as directed. So I asked for my money back and didn't get it.

However, I wrote again and complained, and after several weeks, I did get my original amount returned. I've waited to be sure the check cleared since by then I had read all the negative articles. I should have investigated this company before I bought the product. I learned a good lesson & will do so in the future.

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Can anyone tell me how to contact this company.My father-in-law bought this product and has been using it for a couple of months unknown to anyone.

He had a severe reaction to this mixed with his other meds and his dialysis. He was living on his own and now will have to spend the rest of hife in a nursing home. It is sad that they can just sell *** without contacting a Dr. first or something.

This was a man who was very compentant and proud of being able to stay at home and care for himself at 81.I would like to contact these people to tell them to NEVER send anymore *** mail to my father-in-law or actions will be taken.


been using this product for some time now & am well pleased.however,i placed an order on 9/1,check# 6847 & have not yet received it.

it was for 124.90 & included both the mojo risen & the semen enhancer. normally comes with a week so i am getting concerned as i want & need this product. can you help me?



hope this *** works


How do I order?


Ok...i used this product over the weekend and it surely delivers!Strong and hard from Saturday til Monday morning all off of one pill.

I personally had no side effects and my woman was well pleased.

I would highly recommend Mojo Risen!!!!;)


Stumbled across this product today. Gonna try it tomorrow and will be back with the results!


Let the *** begin. My girl cant keep up with me. I want to *** every women I see.x


I've been using Mojo Risen for 3 or4 years now.I have tried DOZENS of similar products with no positive results.

Mojo Risen is the ONLY supplement that has worked for me and believe me..It works WELL !!! I always reorder when I start on my last box so that I never run out.

My wife likes what it does to me,too !!:eek


How do I order Mojo Risen on line>

to janbob Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #614234

get it at amazon.com

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