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My dad died in August 2012 I moved to Texas April 2015 I now receive erectile dysfunction spam addressed to my dad here in Texas. So wrong on so many levels. That being said, does anyone really fall for this? Buyers please beware. If the solution was this cheap and easy it would be at every pharmacy and grocery store on every corner. Don't mail money to these folks. Apparently I need to enter 31 more words in order to meet the ridiculous... Read more

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My husband is deceased. Please remove him from your *** mailing list that reads Enjoy the Best sex of Your Life For the Rest of Your Life (it is from the Koszinski Group, 8225 Fifth Ave., Suite 146, Brooklyn, NY 11209!!!!! I would have called, but there is no phone number listed, nor can I find it on it internet. How in the world did he get on this list???? I don't think stuff like this should be sent out through the post office. I really... Read more

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i order a 6 month of mojo risen from the koszinski group and have not got it they cashed the check over a week ago i want to know where it is my phone number is 912 313 1155 my adress is 1536 randee dr savannah ga 31406 where is it call me because i cant call you it dont make sence that they dont have a contact number thats bad bussiness i order from you people before and received it in no time i dont under stand what happin this time i would... Read more

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had no problem in the past, have not received my last order. I see many consumers have made the same complaint. another ripoff from another herbal product company. They do not list a phone number or email address, that should always be listed when a product is sold. What can we do about companies like this. Where do we need to write to voice our complaint. These type of companies need to be approved by the fda before obtaining a license to... Read more

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I purchased this product and was promised a "double your money back" if it didn't work. Well, it didn't work for me, and I used it as directed. So I asked for my money back and didn't get it. However, I wrote again and complained, and after several weeks, I did get my original amount returned. I've waited to be sure the check cleared since by then I had read all the negative articles. I should have investigated this company before I bought... Read more

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I wish I had known about this site to clear The Koszinski Group before sending them $34.00 a short while ago to obtain their pills to correct erectile dysfunction ("ED"). Instead, I received a cheap pamphlet discussing ED in general terms and directing me to a doctor (any doctor) to get further information as to how to correct the problem. This company is clearly a scam operation with a view to milking money from fools such as I, with... Read more

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There seems to be many complaints against this company including no known address. I just received a solicitation in the mail about their amazing product for ED with a double your money back guarantee. It showed their address to be 521 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1700, New York, NY 10175-0038. I did not order their product especially after seeing all the problems many consumers are having with this organization. I hope this information will be useful to... Read more

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I sent a check of $49.50 for a cure for impotence to the Koszinski Group for a herbal product (M-Risen) and they guarantee a hard erection intercourse. I have impotent. They guarantee double my money if i am not satisfied. That has been about a month ago and i haven't received anything from them I don't have a address or telephone number. I beleive that this is a hoax and I have been ripped off. Can you trule help me get my money back? I... Read more

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